CAREmongers is a volunteer organization providing support to get supplies to those who are quarantined or otherwise vulnerable, over 65, or immune compromised, in a safe and responsible way. Training and support will be provided. Call 1-888-573-0982 if you can help.

From the Dept. of Bad Jokes:

"Lockdown Lingo​"
The ups and downs of your mood during the pandemic. You’re loving lockdown one minute but suddenly weepy with anxiety the next. It truly is “an emotional coronacoaster”. 

Experimental cocktails mixed from whatever random ingredients you have left in the house. The boozy equivalent of a store cupboard supper. Southern Comfort and Ribena quarantini with a glacé cherry garnish, anyone? These are sipped at “locktail hour”, ie. wine o’clock during lockdown, which seems to be creeping earlier with each passing week. 

An overdose of bad news from consuming too much media during a time of crisis. Can result in a panicdemic.